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Warehousing is a process of storing goods and products in a designated facility. This facility serves as a central location where goods can be stored, sorted, organized, and managed before being distributed to their final destinations.

Whether our customers are planning to build a comprehensive international supply chain, or simply needing to manage a seasonal inventory upsurge, Anox Logistics can help. We have strategically sited Cargo Freight Station and consolidation centers, designed to support a wide range of different industries. The value of the service we offer goes beyond inventory management and beyond supply chain visibility. Strategic location means our CFS are near to major ports or hub operations. These are the part of a carefully planned network that can best meet our customers transport needs, their just-in-time manufacturing requirements, their final mile delivery, their after sales logistics or their reverse logistics. We provide bonded and highly specialized warehousing as part of an integrated clean floor and station with CC camera and a protected security zone.

We can provide garments inspection services in a dedicated space in our warehouse for our client’s export cargo.  It will facilitate our buyer to ensure their quality product within the timeframe which is a valuable integration with the whole supply chain program.

In addition, of course, we are ensuring a whole range of value-added services for our clients, suppliers, exporters and importers.